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Microsoft Office 2013 download free torrent Microsoft Office 2013 download free torrent

release info

– Operating system: Windows 10.7 SP1 + Server / Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / Server 2008 R2

– Language: Inglesa (en-US)

– Channel: License

– Version (SP1)

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Direct instruments: English, French, Spanish

– Updated August 9, 2016

Adapted default configuration (using Octoberchanged little – Office Customization Tool)

– Save EULA

– Standard program setup options and all the features installed by default, Lync (Skype for Business) * and Office telemetry ** With izklyuchenie- Dezakezujakina change all configuration options if you want

* Lync (Skype Business) (why not install it or accept»Desired to work than to install Microsoft Update)

The thing is, the default setting Lync (Skype for Business) the installation, the computer is already installed Skype client or not.

If you choose to install Skype for Business Office configuration wizard configuration and Skype Skype, which passesin matters that should start when Windows starts, installing Skype on call by ezarriBing search engine and MSN home page, and then require you to register.

Here is where the confusion begins. I do not want to use? If the name and existing Skype(Personal / home) Select a profile to use the computer for two identities – Skype on your personal profile, Skype business account for you. Something you might not want to – if you want to select the profile Microsoft, create a new Live ID is your addresses to work.

** Office telemetry (why not want duzuagianvashetoaktsii data)

Telemetry Dashboard list of recently used file names and titles of each user personal or confidential information from the ear of the user organization or viewing documents. Office additives used and the names of other solutions.

telemetryagent collects inventory, usage, and other data applications and files in a shared folder, where it is known as telemetry and embedded processor is a service prozesatuSQL database. Telemetry Dashboard vrazkatazi database so it can be displayed using Office files, accessoriesand solutions.

Bonus use

– KMSpico + Microsoft Toolkit Final (activators)

– Classic Menu for Office (Office 2003, and added toolbars for Office 2013)

– Office Tab (edit multiple files in one window sheet)

– Previous versions uninstallers (Kantoor2003, 2007, 2010)

– Convert / Restore «Login» Office (REG file) options

– Convert/ BerrezartzeaOffice 2013 telemetry (Reg file)

– ShellNewHandler (easy to premahvatNew Microsoft_ Windows Explorer context menu x)

source file


– For pre-installed version of uninstallers (use bonus) remove and restart when you need to use

– Mount / burn / extract ISO file

– Installingof Office 2013

– Allows use of Microsoft Toolkit (bonus guide, click Install button Office AutoKMS, and click)

– Installation of Office Runtime (use bonus) for Visual Studio


-Office + String Menu Classic

-Office Tab + Serial

– Merge the right file to removeRegistry Office to remove / repair option in 2013 for restoration / Sign (again required)

– Merge the right file to disable / Repair Office 2013 telemetry remove / repair telemetry (requires restart)

– Run ShellNewHandler (easily removed New Microsoft_ WindowsExplorer contextmenu x)

Microsoft Office 2013 download free torrent